2021-06-21 12:04:38 - 11

Register for the “Meeting of Medical Societies – Diagnosis of COVID-19 in Emergency Medicine”

The Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SBPC/ML) promotes the “Meeting of Medical Societies - Diagnosis of COVID-19 in emergency medicine”, on July 27th. Those interested in participating in the event, which will be online, can register until 7/20/2021, at link: https://adm.sbpc.org.br/AreaAssociados/sbpcml?returnURL=https://adm.sbpc.org.br/AreaAssociados/EventosPro/EventoProDetalhe/index/1758 . Among the speakers are Drs. Carlos Eduardo dos Santos Ferreira, president of SBPC/ML, Helio Guimaraes, president of ABRAMEDE, and Marcio Sawamura - coordinator of the thoracic radiology group at InRad - HC-FMUSP, who will represent the CBR. To hold the meeting, SBPC/ML has a partnership with the Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis (CBR) and the Brazilian Association of Emergency Medicine (ABRAMEDE), in addition to the sponsorship of Siemens Healthineers.