Registration open for the Young Medical Leadership Program

The National Academy of Medicine (ANM) published a call for selection of candidates for the Young Medical Leadership Program. Entries will be made by filling in the registration form and sending the requested documentation to robertalima@anm.org.br. Registration is open until October 31st.

The Young Medical Leadership Program is inspired by Young Physician Leaders of the Global Network of Medical Academies (IAMP), which focuses on the development of leadership qualities among health professionals. Since 2008, Young Physician Leaders has brought together over 85 doctors under the age of 40, including 9 Brazilians, to participate in working groups and dynamics focused on the exchange of experiences in leadership formation and training.

The program

The Young Medical Leaders Program (JLM) of the National Academy of Medicine (ANM) was created with the aim of fostering a favorable environment for the creation and implementation of transformative ideas for Brazilian Medicine. Together with full-time academics, the young JLM member physician will have the role to participate in academic discussions and activities as well as in the generation, implementation and feasibility of innovative actions within ANM. What is a young medical leadership? Young medical leaders are considered to be independent individuals and creators of new ideas in their fields. These individuals, with the support of ANM, will guide new paths for Brazilian medicine in an inspiring, stimulating and dynamic way.

Source: National Academy of Medicine

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