2017-06-09 15:10:35 - 8

Join CBR's Workplace: the tool to share knowledge and network

Workplace_Wordmark_Gray (2)The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) has a new virtual platform for the integration of physicians who work with Image Diagnosis. It's about the workplace, a tool developed by Facebook with restricted access to guests. The invitation was sent by email on the 6th of June only to members of the College. After the initial period in which everyone will be able to get to know this platform, only up-to-date members (defaulting members) with the CBR will be able to continue enjoying the benefit. The idea is to bring together residents, radiologists and professors in different interest groups, so that they can share knowledge and make new contacts, thereby expanding their ability to interact in the radiological environment. The platform allows for discussions of an educational, scientific and professional advocacy nature. Available in desktops, smartphones It is tablets, O workplace it is yet another way for CBR to show itself connected to new teaching methodologies and interaction between professionals. Who has not yet accessed the CBR Workplace must open the email invitation and click on the “Join your team” button to start using the platform.