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Read the 2024 opinions of the CBR Professional Defense Commission

Credit: CBR

The Professional Defense Committee of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis has been working tirelessly to represent radiologists and the entire profession. This year, several opinions were published on the College's website, with the aim of fighting and defending our rights.

 Between the months of January and March, we issued some opinions of utmost importance to the radiological community, including: the “Opinion on charging for review procedures”, issued on January 31st. On the same day, the "Opinion on Charging for Evolutionary Reports Procedures" was published. In addition to the “Opinion on charging for Doppler ultrasound exams”, released on February 10; the “opinion on charging for puncture and biopsy procedures in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging”, shared on February 26th. 

Click here and read the 2024 opinions of the Professional Defense Commission