MBA - Management in Diagnostic Medicine

The course features content fully focused on managing healthcare organizations and making strategic decisions in the diagnostic medicine segment. The themes are developed and conducted by professors who combine concept, practical and didactic application. The activities are carried out in online 100% classes and in five (5) face-to-face meetings.

Short-term field projects, supervised by professors, are proposed throughout the course. The program emphasizes concept and practice. There is a strong incentive for the development of application studies with real situations of students or proposed by invited companies.


Offer high quality training for professionals interested in understanding and practical application of concepts, methods and techniques related to health management activities in organizations that operate in the diagnostic medicine segment and provide elements for the participant to develop a critical view of the value alternatives made possible by excellent management in diagnostic medicine.

Student Profile

Medical professionals trained in the health area who intend to develop training in management in diagnostic medicine;

Non-medical professionals, with a degree in the health area (nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, biologists, biomedical and physical educators) who intend to develop training in management in diagnostic medicine;

Administrators or MBA's who wish to complete and strengthen their training in the field of health management;

Professionals from different sectors of the economy, public or private, for-profit or non-profit organizations interested in developing and deepening knowledge of health management with a focus on diagnostic medicine;

Being an MBA-level program, it is necessary for the participant to demonstrate a minimum of four years of professional experience after graduation, even if not in organizations in the health segment.


Consult the course secretariat.


The course uses different teaching methods, such as lectures, case studies, problem solving, lectures and business simulations, which are alternated to give greater dynamism to the development of activities. Several cases structured and experienced by professors, as well as studied in field research, are used to illustrate the concepts addressed during the theoretical sessions. To encourage debate and exchange of ideas, videos are also used with excerpts from lectures and discussion groups are organized.

Evaluation system

Students will be evaluated through tests, assignments and seminar presentations.

Students who have obtained a minimum attendance of 75% (seventy-five percent) of the total class hours of the course and obtain a grade equal to or greater than 7.0 in all disciplines will be approved in the course and will be entitled to a certificate of completion. in addition to approval in the course completion work.


Systemic View of the Health Sector

Strategic management

Operations and Quality Management in Health

Diagnostic Medicine Operations

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Incorporation of New Technologies


Marketing and Customer Relations

People management

Management Systems

Experiential Activities

Interpersonal Skills

Selective process

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3rd Class – Registration open

Registration open: October 17, 2023

Start of classes: March 8, 2024

1st step – Registration on our website;
2nd stage – curriculum analysis;
3rd stage – interview with the Coordination;
4th stage – approval and call for enrollment.