2019-11-13 17:21:58 - 8

CBR members, Dr. Carlos Alberto Ximenes and Dr. Hilton Koch are honored in their cities

On the 17th of October, Dr. Carlos Alberto Ximenes, radiologist and member of the CBR, was honored at the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Goiás (Cremego) with the 2019 Medical Professional Merit Award. in the ethical practice of medicine, it is part of the celebrations of Doctor's Day, celebrated on October 18th. The honorees are chosen by the advisors among professionals with more than 35 years of dedication to Medicine and who are considered a reference in their specialties for colleagues and future doctors. In addition to Dr. Carlos Alberto, seven other physicians from different specialties also received the 2019 Medical Professional Merit Medal. At CBR, Dr. Carlos Alberto Ximenes was the first treasurer in the 2010-2012 biennium and received the Gold Medal – Outstanding Professional Defense, during the XLI Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR12), held in Brasília (DF). On the occasion, the College's decoration was a recognition of its effort in defending the profession, its contribution to the development of Radiology in Brazil and its commitment to the radiology community. In Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Hilton Augusto Koch, radiologist and former president of CBR, was honored by the Lions Clubs International, on October 23, with the Certificate of Merit for his important contribution to the population. “The Lions work to help people, in every way, and I was awarded this honor because of the studies on the early detection of breast cancer, which was considered of great value for the treatment of the population”, comments Dr. Hilton. Dr. Hilton Koch is the author of several studies on mammography and has supervised 64 master's theses and doctoral theses on the subject at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). At CBR, he was president in the biennium 1991-1993, where he established the Quality Program in Mammography, currently the National Commission on Mammography together with Dr. Dakir Duarte.