July is marked by the 1st Advisory Council Meeting with the CBR president via videoconference

Following an alignment held in a face-to-face meeting with the Advisory Council during the São Paulo Radiology Day (JPR) 2019, in May, the presidents of all state societies were invited to attend the 1st Advisory Council Meeting with the CBR president via videoconference. , held on July 18th.

The initiative, which reinforces CBR's national presence and its support to regional ones, was attended by 10 state societies. CBR President Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos was at the College headquarters when he connected with societies. Also present with him were Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho, Director of Professional Defense of CBR and President of the Society of Radiology of Minas Gerais (SRMG), Dr. Maria de Fátima Viana Vasco Aragão, Second Secretary of CBR and President of CBR Advisory Board of the Pernambuco Radiology Society (SRPE) and Dr. Cesar Higa Nomura, Vice-President of the Paulista Radiology Society (SPR). Video conferences were attended by: Dr. Gustavo Balthazar da Silveira Carvalho (president of the Radiology Society of Bahia), Dr. Paulo Roberto Fernandes Vieira (president of the Radiology Society of Pernambuco), Dr. Bernardo Tessarollo (president of the Radiology Society of Rio de January), Dr. Luciano Farage (President of the Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis Society of Brasilia), Dr. Wagner Peitl Miller (representing Dr. Dolores Bustelo, President of the Radiology Society of Paraná), Dr. Thiago Krieger Bento da Silva (president of the Gaucho Association of Radiology), Dr. Daniel José Martins Barbosa (president of the Piauiense Society of Radiology) and Dr. Samuel Castiel (president of the Association of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of Rondônia).

“It was a milestone for the CBR to reinforce the closer ties between the presidents of state societies with the current board of the College. I am very grateful for the participation of those who were able to connect and I reiterate that we, from the CBR Board, are at the disposal of the presidents of all the regions, in every way ”, concludes Dr. Alair.

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