2019-06-05 17:09:40 - 8

Minas Gerais will receive Course on Radiological Reading of Pneumoconiosis

Held by Fundacentro and the Radiology Society of Minas Gerais, with the support of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), the Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Phthisiology and the National Association of Occupational Medicine, the course aims to train and qualify physicians in radiological reading of pneumoconiosis. The activity, which will take place from August 7th to 10th, will consist of theoretical lectures, practical demonstration of the use of radiological classification and practical activities, totaling 28 hours. To participate, it is necessary to meet some prerequisites, such as: Be a doctor of specialties related to the subject (Radiology, Pulmonology, Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine), Have a valid specialist title conferred by one of the respective medical societies mentioned above and/or be registered expertise with the respective CRM, have previous experience in thoracic radiology and regular access to the collection of standard ILO radiographs. Physicians specializing in Internal Medicine (or one of its specialties, except Pulmonology) and Occupational Physicians must undergo a proficiency assessment in thoracic radiology for admission to the course. Participants will be provided with a booklet and a CD with the didactic material and the evaluation of the performance will be carried out through contact with the professors and through an individual final exercise. It is also important to point out that certificates will only be provided to participants with 100% attendance, including the final evaluation exercise. Check out the schedule of teachers and schedule below.   Teachers:  Dr. Ana Paula Scalia CarneiroDr. Eduardo Algranti Dr. Fabiano Prado Guest lecturers: doctor João Paulo Matushita, Certified Reader for the AIR-Pneumo Dr. Paulo Marcio Campos de Oliveira, Physicist  
Time Theme Exhibitor
07 August 2019
0800-0830 Material delivery  
0830-0900 Presentation of the participants - Introduction to the Course Dr. Cibele Carvalho, Dr Eduardo Algranti, Dr. Ana Paula Carneiro, Dr. Fabiano Prado
0900-0945 Epidemiology of pneumoconiosis in Brazil  Dr. Ana Paula
0945-1030 Introduction to the ILO 2011 Classification  doctor Fabian
1030-1050 Interval  
1050-1230 Reading of OIT standard radiographs  doctor Edward
1230-13:45 Lunch  
1345-14:45 Reading of OIT standard radiographs doctor Edward
14:45-1530 Silica related diseases  Dr. Ana Paula
15:30-15:50 Interval  
16:50-1730 Exercises – Small round opacities  Group
08 August 2019
0830-0920 Exercises – Small round opacities  Group
0920-1015 Exercises – Small round opacities  Group
1015-1035 Interval  
1035-1230 Exercises – Small round opacities and large opacities  Group
1230-1400 Lunch  
1400-1500 Asbestos-related diseases: epidemiology, clinical and radiological aspects. Diagnostic criteria for asbestosis  doctor Edward
1500-1615 Exercises – Small irregular opacities  Group
1615-1630 Interval  
1630-1700 Ordinances of the Ministry of Labor and good practices in obtaining and interpreting periodic chest X-rays  doctor John Paul  
1700-1800 Equipment, Techniques and Quality Programs in Chest Radiography with emphasis on the digital technique  doctor Paulo Marcio
09 August 2019
0830-1030 Exercises – Small irregular opacities and pleura  Group
1030-1050 Interval  
1050-1230 Exercises – Small irregular opacities and pleura  Group
1230-1330 Lunch  
1330-1515 Exercises – Mixed Patterns  Group
1515-1530 Interval  
1530-1645 Exercises – Mixed patterns and differential diagnosis  Group
1645-1800 HRCT in mineral dust diseases and International Classification of Tomography in Occupational and Environmental Diseases  doctor Fabiano Prado
10 August 2019
0830-0930 Exercises - Group A
0930-1030 Exercises - Group B
1030-10:45 Interval  
1115-1145 Exercise correction  Group
1145-1230 closure  Group
Investment: R$2,500.00 (two thousand, five hundred Reais) for non-members of SRMG/SR and R$2,200.00 (two thousand, two hundred Reais) for non-defaulting members of these societies. Registration: (31) 3273-1559 / srmg@srmg.org.br