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Congressional Breast Module counts on a partnership between CBR and SIBIM

The Breast module of the Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR 17) has a partnership with the Ibero-American Society of Breast Imaging (SIBIM) in its organization, an important ally to contribute with differentiated and quality content. doctor Melcior Sentis, president of the entity, gave an interview about this performance. Melcior Sentis - EditadaCurrently, Dr. Sentis is a Senior Consultant Radiologist at UDIAT Center Diagnostic at Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, in Sabadell, Spain, responsible for the area of Breast and Gynecological Radiology and president of the Institutional Committee for the Assessment of Assistential Technologies. His main research topics are: Magnetic resonance imaging and molecular imaging in breast cancer; Interventional procedures in breast cancer; and Development of new imaging modalities in breast cancer. He is also a reviewer and member of the editorial board of national and international specialty journals, in addition to being the author of scientific papers. CBR – As our partner in this event, what is the importance of partnerships like this one for SIBIM? doctor Melcior – SIBIM, as an Ibero-American Society, is always interested in creating synergies with all Radiology associations in America. It is a great opportunity and one more step in its vocation to be a forum for all radiologists dedicated to the diagnosis of breast diseases. It is, after all, an honor and also a challenge. CBR – Does SIBIM frequently make alliances with entities from different countries? doctor Melcior – Yes. We hold specific events, but we consider it of great value to participate and contribute to national congresses, as we are a spokesperson for a very important subspecialty of Radiology. Our interest is to add importance. CBR – What are your expectations for this event? doctor Melcior – Brazil is very large and its professional and human capital is of the highest importance. Our presence at the event not only consolidates professional collaboration bridges, but also a superior concept of collaboration and participation in training actions. Working together, we learn together - this makes us more professionally capable. We are convinced that this will be a great Congress. CBR – What will the congressman gain from this partnership? doctor Melcior – He will get to know the latest trends, share knowledge with colleagues and have the opportunity to learn a lot about the “state of the art” in breast cancer diagnosis. In addition, it will participate in educational initiatives that go beyond the Congress, including the development of educational materials for distribution among Latin American radiologists. Most importantly, together we will always make things better, and our patients will benefit from our ability to share and unify criteria. CBR – How do you evaluate the Breast Radiology practiced in Brazil? doctor Melcior – Brazil is one of the great powers in professional Radiology and scientific production in Latin America. We can all learn and incorporate the knowledge and expertise of his vast experience. Check out the full schedule and sign up for CBR 17 on the website: www.congressocbr.com.br.