2023-10-02 09:59:47 - 8

Note from the National Mammography Commission on the COSAÚDE meeting to include Tomosynthesis in the ANS exam list

On September 19th, the 20th Technical Meeting of the ANS Permanent Health Care Regulation Committee (COSAÚDE) was held. It again discussed the inclusion of tomosynthesis in the list of exams with mandatory coverage for breast cancer screening in women between 40 and 69 years old, continuing what was discussed at the 19th meeting held in August.

Participating in the meetings were Dr. Linei Urban and Dr. Luciano Chala representing CBR, proponent of inclusion, and Dr. Henrique Couto, author of the study that evaluated the economic impact on supplementary health of the inclusion of tomosynthesis, representing SBM and FEBRASGO. Once again, there was a strong defense of breast cancer screening from the age of 40 and for the inclusion of tomosynthesis in the list of mandatory exams.

CBR's position, as a proponent, was endorsed by AMB, Fundação Procon de SP, CFO, COFEN and CNS. The next stage is the public hearing and consultation and society's participation will be essential for us to have a pinker October.