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New from the College, Webinar CBR is successful among participants

The first transmission of this new and important educational action by CBR took place on July 2nd. The activity, which is a kind of videoconference, addressed the theme “Management of the solitary pulmonary nodule: expert tips”, under the command of Dr. Isabela Müller and moderation by Dr. Valdair Muglia, scientific director of the College. O webinar CBR is an educational action with a wide scope and capillarity, which fits into the routine of the radiologist, as it always takes place at “lunch time”. It is a benefit that reinforces the continuing education of CBR associates, promoting meetings with big names in Radiology through technology that allows interaction at a distance. On the occasion, in addition to theory, the class analyzed clinical cases, approached in a very playful way by Dr. Isabela, for example, giving patients the names of superheroes. Participants were able to submit questions via chat, which were mediated by Dr. Valdair Muglia. He put together congruent questions, selected the most pertinent ones, also being guided by the timely response. He then relayed the live questions to Dr. Isabela Müller, who answered all of them, in a didactic way. There were about 150 people enrolled, with feedbacks positives. In this way, CBR takes another important step towards fulfilling its Mission, Vision and Values, delivering services that add value to professional life and guarantee quality care with safety for the patient, based on access to quality continuing education with the use of new technologies. “The CBR is to be congratulated for yet another educational initiative, offering a distance learning platform for its members in a simple format, but very well structured and with all the technological resources available. It was an honor to participate as a speaker at the first webinar CBR. I highlight as one of the main points of this educational action the opportunity to exchange experiences and interact with colleagues from different regions and different specialists in Brazil”, reinforces Dr. Isabella. The second webinar, which took place on July 30, had Dr. Guilherme Moura Cunha, moderated by Dr. Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, addressing the theme “LI-RADS – v2018 – Practical application and structured report”. O webinar CBR will take place every four weeks, in every month of this year, until December. To participate, CBR members who are in good standing will receive, in their registration e-mail, the schedule of the webinars and a link to register in the tool. Once registered, simply access the link of webinar by the tool on the scheduled day and time. Participants with 75% of annual attendance at the webinars will receive a professional update certificate. If you have any questions, please contact the CBR through the e-mail address educacao@cbr.org.br