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The CBR-ESOR Course reaches its 10th edition, learn about the history

The traditional CBR-ESOR Asklepios course reaches its tenth edition. This year the course will focus on Thoracic Radiology and will take place on August 24 and 26, in the cities of Belo Horizonte (MG) and Salvador (BA), respectively. It is worth mentioning that this will be the resumption of classes in Brazil, after a three-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How the CBR ESOR Course came about

The CBR ESOR Course emerged from a meeting during the ESGAR meeting, in Dresden-Germany, in 2009. Drs. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis, Celso Matos and Dr. Luciana Costa (Scientific Director of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging 2021-2022) and course coordinator from 2011 to 2017. According to Dr. Luciana Costa, member of the course's organizing committee: "It was at this meeting that Brazil was invited to host the ESOR course."

Caption: Dr. Luciana Costa (member of the organizing committee of the 2023 course and course coordinator from 2011 to 2017)
Credit: CBR

The first edition of the course took place in 2011 in the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Belo Horizonte (MG), and had the following theme: 'Advanced Abdominal Imaging'. Dr. Luciana Costa tells about the objective of the course at that time: “The ESR (European Society of Radiology) aimed at the time, to bring quality education to different countries of the world”.

See all the topics of the CBR-ESOR course:

• Advanced Abdominal Imaging (2011);
• Abdominal Oncological Imaging (2012);
• Advanced Oncology Imaging (2013 and 2016);
• Advanced Methods in Abdominal Imaging (2014);
• Advanced Neuroimaging Methods (2015);
• Radiological Emergencies (2017);
• Abdominal Oncology (2018);
• Neuroradiology (2019).


The course always has two editions in different cities to reach more regions of the country, and always takes place in the month of August. He was one of the pioneers in implementing the discussion of cases between students and professors, which was a great differential in the classes.

Check out the cities that have already received the course:

  • Brasilia DF);
  • Belo Horizonte (MG);
  • Campinas, sp);
  • Curitiba (PR);
  • Porto Alegre (RS);
  • Recife PE);
  • Rio de Janeiro - RJ);
  • Salvador BA);
  • Sao Paulo-SP).

The international course held in Brazil carries a lot of tradition, being extremely relevant for Brazilian radiologists. Dr. Luciana Costa talks about the subject: “These are classes given by experts Brazilians and foreigners, and propose to have a practical part of case discussion. The greatest relevance is for the student to be in front of experienced professors and to be able to discuss in select groups along with these international references”.

“CBR ESOR Asklepios Chest Course 2023 – Thoracic Radiology”

This year's edition marks the return of the course after three years without activities in our country, in addition to being the 10th course of this partnership between CBR and ESOR. The Doctor. Ronaldo Baroni, CBR Scientific Director and member of the course's organizing committee, emphasizes the importance of returning to face-to-face classes: “We have high expectations for this CBR-ESOR 2023 course, it will be the first post-pandemic course and as usual in face-to-face format. In addition to the quality of the course, it will be an opportunity for exchanging experiences between professors from Brazil and abroad, and congressmen from both cities (Belo Horizonte-MG and Salvador-BA)”.

Caption: Dr. Ronaldo Baroni (CBR Scientific Director)
Credit: CBR

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Since its inception, the course has focused on quality content, and this edition will be no different, as explained by Dr. Baroni: “Students can expect highly up-to-date content, in line with the latest chest radiology publications, and varied and important topics both for the public of specialists in chest radiology and for generalist radiologists”. And he completes the explanation on the development of the course schedule: “This content was jointly designed by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) and the European School of Radiology (ESOR), so that it is comprehensive and at the same time aligned with the latest publications in the thematic areas chosen for this event”. It is noteworthy that the course will be replicated identically in both cities.

Dr. Luciana Costa also talks about the resumption and quality of this edition: “Students can expect this resumption of ESOR, a high-level course, with very renowned professors in the chest area. The doctor also reinforces: “These are not just classes taught by specialists, the main point is called interaction, where there is a theoretical part associated with an interactive practical part of discussion of clinical-radiological cases”.

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This interaction between congressmen and European radiologists is of paramount importance, and Dr. Baroni also talks about this: “This is an event that brings the experience of several colleagues from Europe, from different European countries, together with renowned Brazilian radiologists. So the importance of this course is that the radiologist is able to obtain, in just one day of class, theoretical content that is at the same time updated, but with great emphasis on the discussion of cases. 

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