2023-08-14 17:22:56 - 24

The Professional Defense Webinar - Cost Reduction and Gloss Using Webservice for Exam Eligibility and Authorization is open for registration

It will take place on September 5th, at 8 pm (Brasília time), the Webinar - Cost Reduction and Glosses with the Use of Webservice for Eligibility and Authorization of Exams. The seminar refers to the Opinion on the mandatory adoption of the TISS Standard and will feature a lecture by Carlos Moura, CBR's economic advisor, and Fernando Guimarães, ANS Interoperability and Monitoring Coordinator - TISS Standard.

Caption: Fernando Guimarães, Interoperability and Monitoring Coordinator - ANS TISS Standard
Credit: CBR
Caption: Carlos Moura, CBR economic advisor
Credit: CBR

The event will take place through the platform zoom and is expected to last approximately one hour. Two themes will be discussed, the first will be: “In practice, how does web service for Exam Eligibility and Authorization”, presented by Fernando Guimarães. The second topic addressed will be “Improvement in Service, Increased Productivity and Reduction of Costs and Glosses”, applied by Carlos Moura. 

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