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Padi coordinates the topic on quality and accreditation at the 41st Congress of Hospital Administration and Health Management at the Medical Fair

Patient safety, indicator management, Peer Review of exams and successful case of implementation of Padi accreditation are some of the themes that will be presented in the Health Management Congress

The Padi – Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program is the only specific accreditation in diagnostic imaging. Created in 2015 by the CBR (Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging), the main objective of Padi is to qualify services in the segment nationally, through technical analysis of exams and evaluation of compliance with minimum standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

In its first participation in Medical Fair Brasil, Padi will head the Quality and Accreditation block at the 41st Congress of Hospital Administration and Health Management, promoted by FBAH – Brazilian Federation of Hospital Administrators. The theme of this year's congress will be "New Times of Management" where the models presented are focused on the dissemination of knowledge and the relationship with the health production chain, in order to bring to the health manager new proposals to carry out their work more efficiently and greater effectiveness.

On May 5th, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Padi will promote a sequence of lectures with specialists and important entities that will exchange experiences with the participants, regarding the quality and safety of imaging services throughout Brazil. “The main objective of Padi is to qualify nationally diagnostic imaging services, ensuring quality, safety and sustainability, so we are going to discuss the topic with great specialists and entities that have been successful with the implementation of the methodology” states Dr. Ruy Guimarães, Coordinator of Cadi - Commission for Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging. See the schedule below:

9 am – 9:30 amOpeningValdair Muglia – President CBR
9:30 am – 10 amHow to transform your hospital's imaging service into a center of excellence – Padi AccreditationRuy Guimaraes – Medical Radiologist Coordinator of Cadi
10 am – 10:30 amImprovement cycles through peer review of examsDJovita Lane SS Zanini – Physician and Teaching Manager at the Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG
10:30 am – 11 amIndicator management for image servicesChristina Khawali – Medical - Cadi member
11 am – 11:30 amCase Hospital Sírio Libanês - Implementation of Padi hospital service accreditationFlávia Gonçalves – Quality Coordinator Hospital Sírio Libanês Daniella Bueno – Coordinator of the CDI at Hospital Sírio Libanês
11:30 am – 12:00 pmIdentification and treatment of contrast-related adverse eventsWilliam Hohgraefe – Radiologist at the Abdominal Radiology Center at Hospital Moinhos de Vento – Member of Cadi
Panel CoordinationDaniela Camarinha: FBAH commercial and marketing director.

Quality in radiology and diagnostic imaging in Brazil

The specificity and heterogeneity of imaging services in Brazil implies the need for methodologies that are coherent with the possible variables, allowing their scope to be fulfilled by services of different sizes and regions of the country. Committed to the safety of the population, since 1992 CBR has created quality programs that encourage the development of a culture of continuous improvement in the quality of imaging processes, and ensure greater safety in the results of exams performed at certified services.

For more than thirty years, CBR has been concerned with the qualification of Diagnostic Imaging services throughout Brazil, being a pioneer in the development of quality programs in the pursuit of reducing mortality and early detection of pathologies.” Comments Valdair Muglia - President of CBR and great supporter of the College's quality programs. Visit the website and learn more about Padi: https://padi.org.br/