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Padi is the subject of 5 works that will be presented at the ISQua International Conference

Event will be held this month in Brisbane, Australia

The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (PADI) is the subject of five scientific works that will be exhibited at the International Conference of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), which will be held in October, in Brisbane, Australia.

Padi CBR acreditação

The works were submitted to the organization of the Conference by the Commission for Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging (Cadi) of CBR. “The importance of this participation is the dissemination of our Accreditation Program which, being specific for diagnostic imaging, has particularities that make it one of the few existing in the world”, says Ruy Guimarães, coordinator of Cadi. He is also the author of one of the works that will be presented. Are they:

- “Evaluation of Images and Reports in a Specific Accreditation Program for Imaging Services”. Author: Ruy Guimarães, coordinator of Cadi

- “Cognitive Biases and Judgment Noise in Accreditation Audits with Quantitative Assessment and Approval of Methodologies, an Exploratory Analysis”. Author: Anderson Mattozinhos, external auditor of Padi

- “Strategies for the implementation and Results of a National Accreditation Program for Quality in Diagnostic Imaging in Developing Countries”. Author: Adriano Tachibana, member of Cadi

- “Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging Services: Quality Management Principle”. Author: Laura Vargas, external auditor at Padi

- “The Six Patient-Centered Purposes in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging”. Author: Laura Vargas, external auditor at Padi

“Huge expectations”

Ruy Guimarães will present his work in person at the ISQua International Conference. “I will be present and with a huge expectation of being able to exchange experiences with the managers of the most illustrious accreditation programs in the health area around the world”.

Author of two works that will be presented at the international event, Laura Vargas declares: “The dissemination of these works aims to share scientific knowledge about the reality of Brazilian radiology and diagnostic imaging services, from the perspective of Quality Management and patient-centered safety. The expectation is to contribute to improving the safety and quality of imaging services through understanding the importance of implementing the Padi Standard criteria - Quality Management principle”.

The work “Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging Services: Principle of Quality Management” comes from Laura Vargas' doctoral thesis, unpublished in Nursing in Diagnostic Imaging/Imaginology. The work “The Six Purposes Centered on the Patient in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging” results from “reflection on the results that emerged from the doctoral thesis research. Factors that interfered with the implantation and implementation of quality in the services studied could benefit from the educational material proposed in this work of reflection”, says the auditor Padi.