2022-02-22 14:57:37 - 11

Padi renews ISQua accreditation and maintains its internationally recognized standards

On February 15, the International Society for the Quality of Health Care (ISQua, its acronym in Portuguese) granted the renewal of recognition of the accreditation standards for the PADI (Accreditation Program in Diagnostic Imaging). The international accreditation reinforces and renews the PADI standard of excellence, proving that the program remains among the best accrediting institutions in the world. ISQua's accreditation process is extremely rigorous, including a self-assessment report; audit by international experts and ongoing maintenance assessment. “With the seal of ISQua, the Padi accredited services demonstrate that they are in line with the best world practices” evaluates Dr. Ruy Guimarães, Coordinator of Cadi (CBR Imaging Accreditation Commission).