2021-03-10 11:48:58 - 11

Opening lecture with philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé will have as its theme “The challenge of change”

UPDATE21 – National Radiology Circuit, the first big news of CBR this year, is an online 100% event that brings together state societies from north to south of the country, as well as radiologists and residents, with various activities such as Hands On Courses and Practical Demonstrations with great names of the specialty, National Marathon of Radiological Cases, Image Interpretation Session and an opening lecture with the theme “The Challenge of Change”, which already has confirmation from the guest speaker: the philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé. Pondé, who is also a writer, director of PUCSP's behavioral and media policy laboratory, professor at FAAP and columnist for Folha de S. Paulo, promises to point out, in a good-humored way, several aspects that show how contemporary society avoids the difficulties related to any type of change. “Touch the wound”, be it social, behavioral or professional. This is the purpose of the activity, as the speaker will objectively and bluntly instigate a reflection that starts from the inside out and that, somehow, develops our human capacities in favor of a less limited, petty and individualistic life. The opening lecture is part of the program “Friday Live at UPDATE21” and will take place on April 16 (Friday), at 7 pm. The activity is free, but you must be registered. To secure your spot, visit: https://atualiza21.com.br/destaques-do-circuito/ The ATUCALIZA21, which gave rise to the traditional CBR Update Course, was born at a time of transformation at the College and is moving the entire community radiology, residents, radiologists and state societies.