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Workplace Usage Policy - CBR

CBR's "Workplace" is the Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia's digital relationship and communication platform, intended for members to share themes and discussions in the radiology area. For its proper use, the CBR makes the following recommendations: - Identification of patients is not allowed. Radiological images shared on the network must be anonymized for publication. The person responsible for sharing the images must verify that he is acting in accordance with the internal rules of the institution in which he works. - Disclosures for commercial purposes, offensive publications and in disagreement with the governing legislation are not allowed. – Political and religious manifestations are not allowed. – Personal publications that are unrelated to the specialty discussions are not allowed. - Publications that violate copyright are not allowed. The text of works or scientific articles with restricted access must not be shared by the platform. When relevant, the bibliographic reference of the citation or the directing link to the site of origin must be used. CBR will moderate and delete publications that do not comply with these recommendations, and may also prohibit access to colleagues who use the platform in disagreement with the recommendations.