2021-02-15 12:15:42 - 11

First public consultation on version 5 of Norma Padi

Stay inside and participate! The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (PADI) has a three-year periodicity for reviewing its evaluation standard. The reason for this periodicity is so that the principles and requirements are constantly aligned with market practices, Brazilian legislation and national and international patient safety guidelines. Therefore, throughout the first half of 2021, proposals to update this document will be made available to interested parties for contributions, which is called “Public Consultation”. From the disclosure of a “draft” of the new version of the Standard, it is possible that the parties interested in the Brazilian Diagnostic Imaging sector give their opinion and send suggestions. In addition, the contents that are required as mandatory by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) are considered in the revision of Norma Padi, an international company that evaluates accrediting institutions worldwide and that certifies the quality of Norma Padi since 2017. As the PADI re-accreditation process by ISQua will also take place in 2021, the calendars will be reconciled so that the new version of the program's Standard adheres to the main international requirements for quality and patient safety. The first public consultation on version 5 of Norma Padi is scheduled for this month of February, so it is important to follow the CBR communication channels in order to participate and contribute.