Visiting Professor CBR finalizes 2019 program in the city of Brasilia

Highlighted in 2019, the “Visiting Professor CBR” Program, launched last year during the entity's 70th anniversary celebrations, is one of the most important educational initiatives of CBR and aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences from Visit of a teacher for educational activities in residency and improvement programs throughout Brazil.

The program of the year will end with the 7th edition, which will be held in the city of Brasilia (DF), on December 13. The Visiting Professor CBR will be Dr. Francisco Abaeté das Chagas Neto, who will be at the Voxel Institute for Diagnostic Imaging service.

Learn how CBR Visiting Professor works:

A fellow radiologist interested in being a “Visiting Professor CBR” should submit his / her application, which will be reviewed by a specific committee. If approved, he will become part of a teacher bank. To apply for a “Visiting Professor CBR” the radiologist must be a member of the College.

Registration of residency and further education programs

Residency and further education programs must apply. Affiliated companies are responsible for endorsing, with the CBR, the application of the residency and improvement program. The CBR will then analyze in its bank of teachers which professional is the most suitable, making the intermediary between the affiliated society, the residency and improvement program and the teacher.


“Visiting Professor CBR” will arrive in town on a Thursday evening to promote his class on Friday (clinical case discussions and hands on) during all day long. Remember that this activity will be developed with the structure of the site, which will provide learning based on the reality of the service. The College will offer the “Visiting Professor CBR” and one (1) companion the free weekend in the city where he held his teaching activity.

- Expenses

The travel, accommodation, transportation and food expenses of the “Visiting Professor CBR” and one (1) companion will be borne by the CBR.

To participate send the registration form to: educacao@cbr.org.br

Questions about the program should be directed to: educacao@cbr.org.br

The regulations and application forms are available on the CBR website, go here.

Photo: Visiting Professor CBR in Passo Fundo (RS), November 29th.

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