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Proof of Specialist Title and Practice Area Certificate: registrations from March 3

Follow the calendar schedule and learn more about the exam details

CBR announced the schedule and format of the Specialty Proof of Title. The Sufficiency Examination for obtaining the Titles of Specialists and Certificates in the Area of Practice are issued by the entity in conjunction with the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB).

Passing the exam, which is carried out in a theoretical and practical format, is necessary to obtain the title of specialist, granted by the CBR/AMB and accredited by the CFM, pursuant to CFM Resolutions n.º 2.148/2016 and 2.221/ 2018.

The certificate proves that the medical professional has adequate academic-scientific training and is able to practice the specialty ethically, responsibly and competently.

The Proof of Title that takes place in the first semester is confirmed. Follow the schedule below:

Title Proof

Specialist Title Examination and Practice Area Certificate – 1st semester

Enrollment Period:  March 3 to 24, 2023

1st Phase - Theoretical Test

Date: May 21, 2023 – (Sunday)


Format:In person

Locations: Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Curitiba (PR), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Recife (PE) and São Paulo (SP)

2nd phase - Practical test (Oral practice/Appliance practice)

Date: July 8, 2023 – (Saturday)


Format:In person

Local: Sao Paulo-SP)

2nd phase - Theoretical-practical test

Date: July 9, 2023 – (Sunday)

Specialties: ISDN

Format:In person

Local: Sao Paulo-SP).

For the second semester, a second test is scheduled. However, the date awaits confirmation from the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB).

Certificates are issued by AMB/CBR. Are they:

Specialist Titles: Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging; Imaging Diagnosis with Exclusive Practice in Interventional Radiology and Angioradiology; Diagnostic Imaging with Exclusive Performance in General Ultrasonography.

Practice Area Certificates: Bone Densitometry; Vascular ultrasound with Doppler (Agreement CBR/AMB/SBACV); Mammography (CBR/AMB/SBM/FEBRASGO Agreement); Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology; and Ultrasonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics (Agreement CBR/AMB/FEBRASGO).

The Titles of Specialist and Certificates in the Area of Expertise are made up and are the exclusive competence of the Brazilian Medical Association. The request for registration must be made with the Specialty Society, according to the guidelines present in the announcement of each contest. The deadline for receipt is 30 to 45 days, counting from the payment of the bill.

For information see: https://cbr.org.br/prova-titulo-especialista/