2018-01-04 17:43:58 - 8

Recommendation on payment for DR and CR type digital mammography

Digital mammography is a system in which the film is replaced by detectors that convert the X-ray into an electrical signal. The terms “CR” and “DR” are used to differentiate the types of detectors, with “CR” being synonymous with “Computerized Radiography” and “DR” with “Digital Radiography”. The CR system uses a photostimulable detector, which stores the latent image, which is subsequently processed by a laser system. This can easily be adapted to the conventional screen-film system. The DR system, on the other hand, immediately reads the X-ray transmitted after exposure to the detector. However, in the publication of the “PRATICE GUIDELINE FOR DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY”, by the American College of Radiology, the two systems are treated as “Digital Mammography”. In the FDA publication, referring to the quality program (MQSA), the CR system is considered a subtype of digital mammography, being called CRMS (Computed Radiography Mammography), while the DR system is called FFDM (Full Field Digital Mammograpy). . Thus, the joint mammography committee of CBR, FEBRASGO and SBM recommends that both systems can be called Digital Mammography, and should be paid in the same way. NATIONAL MAMMOGRAPHY COMMISSION