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Final Result: Check out the winners of entries and tickets to the 35th SERAM Congress

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), in partnership with the Inter-American Radiological College (CIR) carried out during the month of December 2019 and this month of January an action to encourage the participation of residents and young radiologists in the 35th Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), which will take place from May 21 to 23 in Zaragoza, Spain. Check out the winners below: Qualified Residents/Senior Students to register for SERAM2020 (in alphabetical order):  
Alice Marília Silva Abreu Mota
André Vaz
Andressa Alexia Belini
David Freire Maia Vieira
Diogenes Miranda Santana
Gabriel Bandeira Tofani
Gabriel Gouveia Adabo
Guilherme Emilio Ferreira
Jessica Gonzalez Suerdieck
Joice Carneiro Dias Prodígios
Laio Bastos de Paiva Raspante
Laisson de Moura Feitoza
Larissa de Andrade Defendi
Leticia Maria Araujo Oliveira Nunes
Lucas de Padua Gomes de Farias
Lucas Savaris Linhares
Luziany Carvalho Araujo
Renata Silveira Olimpio by Paula Furtado
Ricardo Hiroshi Murashita Fujiki
Rodolfo Martial da Silva Pinon
Ruggeri Bezerra Guimaraes
Sabrina de Mello Ando
Veronica Botelho Teixeira
Victor Arcanjo Almeida Gama
  Qualified Young Radiologists to win entry to SERAM2020 (in alphabetical order):  
Young Radiologists
Ana Amélia Bartolamei Ramos
Luis Paulo Marijuan Cabezas Sampaio
Mayara Lima Nascimento
Rafael Colman Gabrig
Raonne Souza Almeida Alves Menezes
Vanessa da Costa Maldonado
  Total: 30 classifieds to win enrollment in SERAM 2020. ATTENTION: To register for the congress, the winner must send a letter of commitment to participate. Please wait for the final result on 01/27/2020.   Residents/Seniors qualified to win round trip tickets to Zaragora, during the SERAM 2020 period:  
Lucas de Padua Gomes de Farias R4
Lucas Savaris Linhares R3
Ruggeri Bezerra Guimaraes R2
  ATTENTION: "Air ticket winners must have a passport valid for more than 6 months." Click here to check the regulation of the action, disclosing it at its launch.