2017-07-28 09:57:04 - 8

RJ: Association promotes Diagnostic Imaging Course in Emergencies

logo_srad_rjThe Association of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SRad-RJ) has just launched its first Imaging Diagnosis Course in Emergencies. Coordinated by the scientific director of the entity, Dr. Alessandro Severo, the course will bring together radiologists with notorious knowledge in their areas of expertise and will have the participation of clinicians and surgeons with recognized expertise. Imaging emergencies are one of the most relevant subjects for medical practice today. In this context, Diagnostic Imaging methods have become, in recent years, fundamental tools for diagnosing and establishing a conduct based on imaging findings. “The SRad-RJ aims to complement the training of radiologists who need to be able to work in this scenario, which is why it brought together professionals from clinical and surgical areas to offer the course”, explains Dr. Alessandro Severo. The event will start on August 8th and will have ten classes with the following themes: Neuroradiology, Abdomen, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal and Thorax. More information and registration at www.srad-rj.org.br.