2018-02-16 14:54:30 - 8

São Paulo hosts the first Padi Internal Auditor Course in 2018

The activity, which attracts professionals from all over Brazil, took place for the first time this year at the CBR headquarters, in São Paulo, between February 1st and 3rd, and had more than 30 participants. With the objective of improving and being able to implement the Padi standard, Gustavo Pedreira de Freitas, manager of the CDI Imagens clinic, in Uberlândia, felt encouraged to do this activity, especially after completing the four modules of the Management Course. “The great point of the courses offered by CBR is that they are totally focused on the clinics, they go straight to the point, we learn here and it is already possible to go to the clinic to implement it”, he reports. Elaine Cristina de Oliveira Dias, who works at a business consultancy focused on implementing the quality management system in Bahia, highlights the applicability of the topics addressed. “The course is enlightening, the subjects are well debated, everything is easily applicable within what we are proposing to do, in short, it is very cool”, he highlights. The Padi Course will take place again in Brasilia, between the 5th and 7th of April. Follow all the information on the CBR portal and guarantee your registration!