2018-09-14 17:18:22 - 8

Solemn Session marks 70 years of CBR

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) completes 70 years this Saturday, September 15th. To celebrate the institution's anniversary, a Solemn Commemorative Session was held this Friday (14th), at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP). Several fellow radiologists, board members, presidents of affiliated societies, as well as partners and collaborators were present. The event took place in the Sala da Congregação, the same place where the 1st Brazilian Radiology Conference took place in 1948, during which the College was founded. doctor Manoel de Souza Rocha, president of CBR, started the ceremony, inviting Prof. doctor doctor Jose Otavio C. Auler Junior, director of FMUSP, Dr. Aldemir Soares, former president of the College and representative of the Federal Council of Medicine, Dr. Henrique Carrete Junior, former president of CBR and representative of the College's Advisory Board. In his speech, Prof. doctor José Otávio Auler highlighted the pleasure of receiving CBR leaders at FMUSP for the celebration, as well as the involvement of the faculty with the College and the importance of the specialty. “Radiology has grown a lot and is advancing rapidly in our country. Today it is getting involved with innovation, artificial intelligence, and it is really a dynamic and strong specialty”, he said. Then Dr. Aldemir Soares quickly addressed the evolution of Radiology and congratulated the College for the work it has been developing over the years, emphasizing the importance of unity within the specialty. The Doctor. Henrique Carrete Junior reinforced his gratitude for taking part, along with other former presidents, in this important celebration, also remembering the contribution of affiliated societies and collaborators. In the historical context of the celebration, the president of CBR made a brief presentation to the guests, showing the program of the 1st Brazilian Radiology Day and highlighting important names that contributed to Brazilian Radiology over the years. The celebration of 70 years in the same place where the CBR was founded was a way of honoring the pioneers and seeking inspiration so that the CBR can continue to represent all Brazilian radiologists and contribute to the development of diagnostic imaging in our country.