2017-05-12 17:42:35 - 8

Society of Minas Gerais closes historic agreement with Unimed-BH

logo_srmgThe directorates of the Society of Radiology of Minas Gerais (SRMG), Unimed-BH and the Regional Council of Medicine of Minas Gerais (CRM-MG) signed an agreement that aims to improve the quality of care, in addition to being a new stage in the appreciation of work of cooperative doctors and accredited clinics that work in Diagnostic Imaging. “It was a historic negotiation. A mark. I would like to thank everyone who lived and participated in this fight that has been going on since 2012. We unite, we believe and we conquer. We were successful because we were not discouraged at any time”, celebrated the president of SRMG, Dr. Cibele Carvalho. In addition to the entity, the Minas Gerais Society of Cardiology (SMC), the Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of Minas Gerais (Sogimig) and the Cooperative of Diagnostic Imaging Doctors of Minas Gerais participated in the negotiation and signing of the agreement signed on April 27th. General. “The negotiation was very democratic, conducted responsibly and devoid of personal interests. We conquered the union of all who work with the Imaging area, starting to discuss routine care issues and share support”, highlighted Dr. Cibele, who is also director of Professional Defense at the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR). She made a point of remembering the support she had from the former presidents of the College, Dr. Henrique Carrete Junior and Dr. Antonio Carlos Matteoni de Athayde, and currently also Dr. Manuel de Souza Rocha. According to her, 25 clinics signed the document requesting the opening of negotiations between SRMG and Unimed. Check out the benefits of the negotiation: - Guarantee of 100% of the IPCA, and the retroactive will be considered from November 2016, which was the moment in which there was the readjustment of the table at Unimed; - Possibility of up to 105% of IPCA after insertion of Padi and ONA as criteria to obtain the percentage; - Increase in fees for the Imaging doctor; - Insertion of criteria aimed at the quality of service; - Signing of a study for the negotiation term, with the participation of the president of CRM-MG; - Annual maintenance of a trading channel through SRMG.