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Success last year, Residents' Marathon returns to the schedule

One of the main novelties of the last edition of the Brazilian Congress of Radiology, the Brazilian Marathon of Residents in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging will be held again this year. The "MBR 17", which requires separate registrations, will consist of 43 questions and is scheduled for 12:10 pm on October 14, the last day of the event. Teams of up to three participants may register, without needing to belong to the same institution or be in the same training year. The teams will have 30 seconds to answer each question. As in 2016, as an incentive and prize, the winning team members will receive registration, air tickets and accommodation to participate in the Annual Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS 2018), in Washington, DC, United States, from April 22 to 27. The 2016 winners had the chance to attend ARRS 2017, which was held in New Orleans from April 30th to May 5th. Doctors Pedro Henrique Tarter Nunes, Renan Fernandes Ribeiro de Oliveira and Samara Oliveira Dias, from the University Hospital of Brasília (DF), made up the winning group and shared their impressions – from the beginning of the activities to the experience they had there. Check it out below and stay tuned for the next communications from CBR to register: the next one could be you! "We accepted to participate in the Marathon as a challenge. A way to put into practice and even to test the knowledge acquired in the residency program. We were truly happy with the victory, which deserves to be shared with the entire team at the Diagnostic Imaging Unit of Hospital Universitário de Brasília, which strives and assumes the commitment to provide quality training to resident physicians. and knowledge, so necessary for the activity of the radiologist. Categorical Course, tickets and accommodation. When we got there, we were very well received by Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, president of CBR, and by Dr. Hélio Braga, first secretary of the College, who gave us all their attention, in addition to having intermediated the contact with other professionals from various parts of the world, further enriching the experience. We were also introduced by them to Dr. Mauricio Castillo, president of ARRS, who, during the opening ceremony, mentioned our participation in the Congress, highlighting our victory in the First Brazilian Marathon of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Residents promoted by CBR." Dr. Samara Oliveira Dias "O meeting from ARRS is a unique experience. Brazilian radiologists who have the opportunity will appreciate the event as it is rewarding. The next city to host it, Washington, also has interesting attractions: in addition to the administrative structure of the United States, it enjoys a complex of museums to be explored. JPR, CBR and meeting of the ARRS are large events, with many participants, held in large-scale settings. All very comprehensive, covering the various areas of Radiology. It also permeates the search for continuing education, for cutting-edge knowledge and reflection on what the paths of the specialty will be. O meeting it seems to differ in the halls. There is a friendly atmosphere and fraternization, certainly stimulated by the abundance of food and drinks available. We watched excited groups of radiologists sharing experiences, old friends meeting again. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone feels at ease." doctor Pedro Henrique Tarter Nunes "The impressions were the best possible. We had the opportunity to participate in a great Radiology event alongside great masters, and thus absorb a little of their knowledge. What most called attention was its organization. It proved to be a great event. magnitude and that is second to none that we have already visited. The ARRS came to show us that it is possible to acquire knowledge, in a light and relaxed way, even in a city as charming as New Orleans!" doctor Renan Fernandes Ribeiro de Oliveira