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CBR celebrates Radiologist Day and International Radiology Day

Radiologist Day was celebrated on November 8th, honoring the date on which physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of x-rays. In 1895 International Radiology Day (IDOR) is celebrated worldwide by an initiative created by European Society of Radiology (ESR), together with the Radiological Society […]

CBR participates in Round Table: Challenges of Radiological Protection in Medical Applications during the 71st SBPC Annual Meeting

The President of CBR, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, was in Campo Grande (MS), on July 22, to participate in the round table “Challenges of Radiological Protection in Medical Applications”. The activity was part of the program of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), held at the Federal University of Mato Grosso […]

CBR Awards Chernobyl Interview to Health Portal

Due to the success of the HBO-produced Chernobyl series, the subject gained momentum in the media, and CBR, as the main source of information for journalists when it comes to Radiology, was contacted by the SAÚDE portal to talk about it. The College's communication director, Dr. Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, and […]

CBR participates in the panel “Challenges for Telemedicine and Telehealth in Brazil” at SBCAS2019, RJ

The Brazilian Symposium on Applied Health Computing is one of the main forums for scientific dissemination and gathering of researchers from the areas of computing and health. Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, current first secretary at CBR and Southeast director at the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTMS), presented her experience on the topic and the debate […]

Achievement for Radiology: UERJ has its first Full Professor in Radiology

On May 29th, an important event marked the history of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and Brazilian Radiology. Following her Memorial Public Defense, Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, CBR's first secretary, was named Full Professor in Radiology at UERJ, a traditional educational institution […]

Paranaense Day is a short time ago, guarantee your registration now!

The Society of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of Paraná will hold the Parana Day of Radiology between June 28 and 30, with the main theme “Image of Women”. The Scientific Program was carefully prepared by Dr. Heraldo de Oliveira Mello Neto, SRP's Scientific Director, Dr. Linei Augusta Urban, and […]