2018-09-26 09:08:14 - 8

CT - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) is the new nomenclature of the procedure in TUSS

The CBHPM meeting held on August 29, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), for the inclusion of 41001265 CT - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) was positive. Thus, the adequacy of the nomenclature of the procedure in the TUSS (Unified Terminology of Supplementary Health) code 41001265 changed from “CT virtual colonoscopy“ for “CT - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography)”. Another relevant point is that the procedure was included in the CBHPM with the pricing requested by the CBR, which reinforces yet another important result obtained by the CBR's CBHPM Permanent Discussion Commission, which has sought several improvements in relation to the Imagem procedures, always with focus on valuing the specialty. Check out the summary of this inclusion: 41001265 TC - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) Size 5A Operating Cost 37,450 Film 2.5 m2