Winners of the 3rd Brazilian Marathon of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Residents attend ARRS Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii

Doctors Arthur Magalhães de Oliveira, José Cláudio Nogueira Junqueira and Thiago Menezes Baraviera, residents of the Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo, are members of the winning group of the 3rd Brazilian Marathon of Residents in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, a radiological knowledge competition sponsored by Bayer company and held at the Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR18) last year in Rio de Janeiro. For this reason, they won from CBR the participation in the ARRS Annual Meeting, which cost the registration, passage and accommodation at the event, held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I thought the congress (ARRS) was very good and it was surprising, in a way, because I could see that the classes seem to be more focused on radiologists in training, because they present some slightly more basic content, but without losing the update content aimed at all radiologists. So I think residents should be more encouraged to send papers and attend this congress, ”says Dr. Thiago Baraviera.

The 3rd Marathon brought together more than 20 teams from different residency and improvement services in the country with the objective of promoting rapprochement between the different institutions, stimulating the mastery of radiological knowledge and the exchange of experiences.

“The Marathon itself offers a great deal of learning for the resident and this is already an important stimulus, but I think the award initiative is very interesting because, in addition to encouraging residents to participate, it also works as a reward for their dedication. In addition, the fact that the ARRS congress has classes that are very good for radiology residents makes participating in this congress complement the training of participants, ”adds Dr. Thiago.

Already Dr. Jose Claudio Nogueira Junqueira reminds that the members of the assembled teams were dedicated to preparing for the competition and learned a lot from the cases presented. “In addition, the Marathon allowed for greater integration between colleagues from the institution itself and from different institutions by assembling teams to compete, stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience. These initiatives contribute to the formation of better radiologists, eager for knowledge and learning more and more ”, he points out.

The Marathon is an opportunity to learn new things and test knowledge in a fun, free way. This is how Dr. Arthur Magalhães, another member of the winning group, evaluates the initiative.

“In addition, the Marathon made us much more involved with the congress and we also took part in the event to send some work. Another point is that it enables greater interaction between residents and colleagues from other states. Certainly our younger colleagues will also want to participate in the coming years, ”he concludes.

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