2021-08-09 19:44:01 - 8

Legal victory of CBR in lawsuit filed against CONTER

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnostics obtained, in a lawsuit filed against the National Council of Radiology Technicians, a favorable decision that determined the suspension of the effects of CONTER Resolution No. 10/2021. The said decision, issued under Case No. 1052546-97.2021.4.01.3400, pending before the 13th Federal Civil Court of the SJDF, understood “that CONTER Resolution No. 10/2021 apparently innovated in the legal system, going beyond its competence, extending the interpretation of RDC Anvisa nº 330/2019 to allow technicians and technologists to be Technical Responsible for radiological procedures”. He also pointed out that the aforementioned Resolution, apparently, violates Article 5, II, of Law No. 12,842/2013. CONTER will now be summoned urgently to comply with the decision. Read the decision in full here: https://bit.ly/vitoriajuridicadocbr-conter