2020-04-29 17:55:13 - 11

CBR webinar on thyroid nodules available on YouTube

Faced with great public interest, the CBR Webinar with Dr. Maria Cristina Chammas, graduate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of USP and Director of the Ultrasound Service at InRad HCFMUSP, on “Thyroid nodules: TI-RADS tips and pitfalls”, was also aired on Workplace, in the group Eventos on CBR, and also on the College's YouTube channel, in addition to the specific platform, which is available via registration exclusively for CBR members. The edited version is now available, watch it directly on the CBR channel on YouTube. About the CBR Webinar There are 45 minutes of activity, with 20 to 25 minutes of class followed by cases that illustrate the topic, with the possibility of sending questions to a moderator. The activity takes place every 4 weeks, always on Tuesdays, from 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm (Brasília time). All CBR members who are in good standing are invited to participate, free of charge. For this, the schedule of the webinars and a link to register in the tool are forwarded to the registration email. With the registration made, just access the webinar link through the tool on the scheduled day and time and participate. Participants with 75% of annual attendance at the webinars will receive a professional update certificate. If you have any questions, please contact CBR at the email address educacao@cbr.org.br