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Since its launch almost 3 years ago, the Workplace's objective has been to bring together residents, radiologists and professors in different interest groups, expanding the capacity for interaction in the radiological community. Many activities have already been carried out within the platform to contribute to this mission, which continue to be highlighted and adapted according to the needs of radiologists.

In recent months, due to the new Coronavirus pandemic, editions of Estúdio CBR have intensified, with lives live streamed by Workplace. In addition, discussions continue in specific areas in the different groups that the tool offers, groups aimed at state societies, which aim to disseminate regional events, as well as local issues and actions that are related to radiological activities carried out in the state of the Federation where the affiliate is located, the “Question of the Day”, which selects and publishes in the Residents Group, in a poll format, a question from the Specialist Title Evidence from previous years and its respective answer the following day. Thus, it promotes study, debate and the exchange of knowledge among members. Due to the great interest of the participants, questions containing images are also published on CBR's Instagram.


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