Workplace is a unique virtual platform for integrating doctors working with Imaging Diagnostics. The tool is developed by Facebook and has restricted access to guests.

The goal is to bring together residents, radiologists and teachers in different interest groups, so that they can share knowledge and make new contacts, thereby increasing the ability to interact in the radiological environment. The platform allows discussions of educational, scientific and also professional defense.

Workplace is available on desktops, smartphones and tablets. To start using it, the CBR member / non-member must send the request with his full name and CRM to the email address: radiologia@cbr.org.br

Access the tutorial:

Workplace Usage Policy

For proper use of the platform, CBR makes the following recommendations:

  • Patient identification is not allowed. Radiological images shared on the network must be anonymized for publication. The person responsible for sharing the images should verify that they are acting in accordance with the internal rules of the institution in which they work.
  • Disclosures for commercial purposes, offensive publications, and in violation of governing law are not permitted.
  • Political and religious demonstrations are not allowed.
  • Personal publications that are unrelated to specialty discussions are not allowed.
  • Publications that violate copyright are not allowed. The text of restricted access scientific works or articles should not be shared by the platform. Where relevant, the citation bibliographic reference or link to the originating site should be used.

The CBR will moderate and exclude publications that do not comply with these recommendations, and may also prohibit access to colleagues who use the platform in disagreement with the recommendations.