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The importance of Clinical Engineering in radiology and diagnostic imaging

By Luís Ronan Souza – director of ABCDI

Clinical Engineering plays a key role in radiology and diagnostic imaging services in order to optimize management, reduce high maintenance costs and increase the useful life of equipment.

The clinical engineer is a specialist, with training in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, who is dedicated to the issue of equipment maintenance. He controls periodic maintenance, checks filters, for example, ultrasound exams, takes care of ultrasound equipment, resonance coils, cleaning, checks that cleaning is being done correctly.

To increase qualification in the sector, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) has just launched a Clinical Engineering course with free places for associates. Intended for supervisors and engineers responsible for maintenance contracts for clinics and services, the course addresses, in a practical and objective way, relevant day-to-day topics, with a focus on optimizing equipment management.

Classes are 100% online, lasting approximately 2 hours. Participants receive a certificate. The content is presented by experts with extensive experience in the market and linked to partner companies. It brings several recommendations to increase the useful life of equipment, in addition to possible future tools and initial notions of the quality/accreditation sector. Registration is open. Therefore, enjoy it right now!

The Clinical Engineering course offered by ABCDI addresses the following topics:

“Prolonging the useful life of Magnetic Resonance coils”, is the subject of José Salas Martim's class, an electrical engineer graduated from UNESP and post-graduated from FAAP with specializations in Germany, United States and Japan. He has been working in the field of Magnetic Resonance since 1992, working for companies such as Shimadzu, Marconi, Picker and Philips.

“How to preserve your Cold Head?” is the theme approached by Wilson Santana, specialist with almost 30 years of experience in Cryogenic Refrigeration for Magnetic Resonance and founder of Cryo.

“Handling and cleaning and Ultrasound transducers” is a lesson with Carlos Eduardo, specialist in Clinical Application US Philips, specialist in mechanical ventilation equipment and diagnostic ultrasound.

Carlos Moura talks about “BI of radiological equipment and maintenance”. He is a business administrator with an MBA in IT from USP and an International Course on Human Talent Development from the University of Central Florida. He has extensive knowledge of the Brazilian diagnostic medicine market. He is an economic advisor at CBR and a partner at Moura Assessoria.

“Maintenance of injection pumps” is the theme of Aratuza Nascimento's class. She serves as a Clinical Support Specialist – Radiology at BAYER. She holds a degree in biomedicine from PUC-GO, specialist in Imaging from Faculdade Unyleya, specialist in Quality Management and Health Accreditation – IPOG. He has an Executive MBA in Leadership and Management.

Marina Rume Syngo, from Siemens, presents the class “The advantages of the remote control center in resonance”. Graduated in physics and engineering, she has 10 years of experience in the IT Healthcare market with a focus on project implementation, scope and solution architecture. Provides product management for IT healthcare solutions.

The seventh and final class addresses “PADI Standards involving infrastructure and clinical engineering”. The professor is Ruy Guimarães, coordinator of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (PADI), at CBR, Clinical Director of the Hospital Centro Médico de Campinas and coordinator of the CBR Reports Commission.

For registration and more information about the course, visit: