2023-12-14 13:27:01 - 24

The union and effort of CBR, AMB and CFM made a difference in the filing of PL 2987/2019

When PL nº 2987/2019 was proposed, the justification was that there was a lack of regulations for ultrasound, which could result in the training of poorly trained professionals, with the request for unnecessary exams, with slow diagnosis for agile treatment, which would increase the cost. for the health system.

Over the years, the author of the project understood the role and performance of the Mixed Specialties Committee composed of the Mixed Medical Residency Committee, the Federal Council of Medicine and the Brazilian Medical Association that govern and deliberate on specialties and areas of medical activity.

And after several attempts to prevent the approval of Bill No. 2987/2019 (a project that recognizes ultrasound as a medical specialty), on November 30, 2023, the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) were successful and together managed to archive PL 2987/19

The performance and defense of the CBR specialty together with AMB and CFM made the difference with precise and effective action so that the harmfulness request was made by the author of the project, deputy Zacarias Calil (União-GO) in the Health Commission (CSaúde ).