ABCDI Partners with Focus on Digital Supply Management Solutions

Continuing the search for solutions and tools that benefit its members, the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) has entered into a new partnership, now with Bionexo, a technology company that offers digital solutions for purchasing, sales and supply management. In the health area.

One of its differentials is cloud infrastructure, with solutions for cloud computing in partnership with Amazon Web Services, bringing information security, full time monitoring, high availability and automatic updates.

With this new benefit, ABCDI-associated clinics will have access to a state-of-the-art procurement management tool, which aims to leverage the management of imaging diagnostic centers and clinics, delivering cost savings and improved operational flow. The tool allows online quotes, as well as differentials that help in quality control, such as registration of suppliers that comply with legal issues, such as registration with Anvisa, among other aspects.

The clinic wishing to benefit from this benefit should contact Bionexo at (11) 3133-8142 or through its website. www.bionexo.com and inform that you are associated with ABCDI. The team will review the applicant's profile and appoint a consultant for a technical visit.

After consulting, the clinic that chooses to purchase the solutions offered will have 5% discount on the price list practiced by Bionexo.

 About Bionexo

Founded in 2000, Bionexo has a presence in five countries (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Spain) and operates in the construction of digital cloud solutions for healthcare, contributing decisively to the supply chain professionalization in the sector.

The company has more than 20,000 connected users, more than 12,000 healthcare institutions and suppliers and serves 50% of Brazilian beds.

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