2023-03-24 17:41:58 - 8

Joint action between ABCDI, ABRAMED and CBR

Meeting seeks joint action to increase the remuneration of radiologists and Diagnostic Imaging services

Today, March 24, 2023 at 10 am, at the CBR headquarters, located in the city of São Paulo (SP), a Joint Action meeting was held between the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI), the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine ( Abramed) and Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis (CBR).

During the meeting, joint actions were discussed to improve the remuneration of radiologists and Diagnostic Imaging services. Aspects of Law nº 13.003/14 were addressed and the suggestion of strategies to guarantee its applicability, in this critical moment in which reductions in the values of image procedures and threats of unmotivated disqualification, have threatened the survival of the activity.

After the exhibition and the debate of ideas, it was agreed between the participating institutions to establish a common institutional agenda seeking to value the specialty.

Present were:

CBR: Dr. Cibele Carvalho – President of CBR, Dr. Juliana Tapajós – Director of Professional Defense and Carlos Moura – Economic Advisor;

ABCDI: Dr. Marcelo Lauar – Director of ABCDI;

Abramed: Dr. Wilson Shcolnik – President; Drs. Gustavo Meirelles and Marcos Queiroz – Representatives of Abramed's Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Commission and Milva Pagano – Executive Director of Abramed.

Together we are stronger!