2020-06-18 17:20:46 - 8

Associations in Action: Sessions and online classes are successful in RJ

The traditional Radiology sessions held by SRad-RJ and professors from universities such as UFRJ had to adapt to the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and began to be offered in an online format. The Rio de Janeiro Society of Radiology supported all activities and started to provide access to virtual meetings, offering the structure of the Zoom application for those who want to watch and participate live, in addition to making available on its YouTube channel all the content it has been produced in the last two months. This format change allowed radiologists who previously could not attend due to time, work, traffic or even those who are living in other cities or countries to participate in the meetings. As stated by the president of SRad-RJ, Dr. Bernardo Tessarollo: “Initially, the idea was to help residents and graduate students whose courses were 'run over' by the pandemic, but it was soon realized that we were also providing a great recycling opportunity for radiologists who had already graduated. Several sessions have more than 300 live participants and the videos exceed a thousand views”. The access of more people even enriched the discussions, now with cases and opinions from various parts of the world. Currently, meetings of study groups in Neuroradiology are taking place, coordinated by Prof. Roberto Queiroz dos Santos, and Musculoskeletal Image, coordinated by Prof. Silvana Mendonca. The sessions and classes of Thoracic Radiology by Prof. Edson Marchiori, the Internal Medicine sessions of Prof. Antonio Eiras, and the Neuroradiology classes of Prof. Fabio Noro have also been made online and made available on the SRad-RJ YouTube channel. In addition to the traditional Chest session that Prof. Edson Marchiori promoted for decades at UFRJ, which is now online every Wednesday at 7:30 am, with discussion of interesting cases, he is also teaching classes on basic standards in thoracic radiology to help residents affected by the pandemic, always on Fridays at 07:30h. To follow all classes and sessions, access links can be found on the Society's website (www.srad-rj.org.br). There are plans to launch new activities and the confirmed timetable for the month of June can be seen below: Thorax Session: every Wednesday at 7:30 am Internal Medicine Session: every Wednesday at 10 am Thoracic Radiology - Basic Standards: every Friday at 7:30 am The meetings and classes already held are available on YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/sociedaderadiologiarj).