2018-11-21 17:03:28 - 8

An unprecedented survey by CFM points out that Brazil spends R$ 3.48 a day on the health of each inhabitant

The Federal Council of Medicine presented, on November 13th, data that reveal the value of R$ 3.48 per day (per capita) used by the government in its three levels of management (federal, state and municipal) to cover expenses with health of more than 207 million Brazilians. The information considered expenditures on Public Health Actions and Services (ASPS) declared in the Information System on Public Health Budgets (Siops), of the Ministry of Health. By law, each federative entity must invest a minimum percentage of the resources collected with taxes and constitutional and legal transfers. In the case of the States and the Federal District, this index must be at least 12% of their total budgets. In the case of municipalities, the base value corresponds to 15%. For the Union, the rule provides for a minimum application, for the next 20 years, of 15% of net current revenue, plus inflation correction. According to the CFM, last year, expenses at the three levels of management reached an amount of R$ 262.8 billion, including coverage of actions and services to improve the Unified Health System (SUS), such as network funding services and payment of employees, among others. The study also pointed out other relevant numbers, such as the lag of 42% in health spending compared to inflation over the last ten years and the reduction in the participation of States in health spending. For more information, visit: https://portal.cfm.org.br/