2018-08-01 18:20:31 - 8

CBR acts against courses that violate laws and regulations involving medical practice

In recent months, CBR's legal counsel has worked on several cases related to the defense of Radiology. In two of them, specifically, adopting the appropriate measures against institutions that publicize the offering of courses that violate the laws and regulations that involve medical practice. In the first one, a notification was sent to an educational institution that offered a course in Ultrasound and Doppler to nurses, whose theme was “Notions of Ultrasonography and Doppler by Obstetric Nurses”. Subsequently, the institution sent CBR a response to the notification. Another similar case involved an institution that offered the “Basic Applications for Ultrasound Course” on its website for Radiology Technologists and Radiology Technology students. In both cases, the result was positive, leaving these schools to divulge courses that the CBR understood were not adequate and that seemed to go beyond the limits of the Law of the Medical Act.