CBR celebrates Radiologist Day and International Radiology Day

On November 8th Radiologist Day was celebrated, honoring the date in which physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of x-rays in 1895

International Radiology Day (IDOR) is celebrated around the world by an initiative created by European Society of Radiology (ESR), together with Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and American College of Radiology (ACR), and supported by various entities and societies around the world. On this day, the Radiologist Day is also celebrated in Brazil, after the decree of Law No. 13.118 / 2015, honoring and recognizing professionals in the field.

In Brazil, Dr. Ronaldo Magalhães Lins, a full member of the CBR, professor of musculoskeletal ultrasound, radiologist from Belo Horizonte and radiologist of the medical council of the national men's soccer team, was chosen for the interview as a specialist in Brazil. “The radiologist's role is critical in the sports medical team, but an athlete's multidisciplinary assessment comes first,” he says.

The full interview is available on the CBR website. Check out: cbr.org.br/chegou-IDOR2019

“Sports image” was the theme chosen for this year's IDOR, with the purpose of highlighting the essential role that image professionals play in the detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of sports-related injuries, increasing the quality of care and treatment of patients.

In CBR digital media, since November 1st, a series of daily posts have been made on this topic. Called “What Makes You Sweat for Radiology?”, The publications engaged followers to share their commitment to the profession.

In addition, the “CBR no IDOR 2019” promotion was also created for the public to celebrate this important date. Instagram users have posted until November 7th a creative photo of the theme on their desktop with the hashtags # CBRnoIDOR2019 and # IDOR2019. The winner was Dr. Érika Watanabe, with the picture “Radiomesa”. Check it out at Instagram from CBR!

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