The sufficiency exam to obtain Specialist Titles and/or Area Certificates, issued by the CBR/AMB, identifies the medical professional with adequate academic-scientific training and capable of exercising the specialty with ethics, responsibility and competence.

OThe criteria established here are in accordance with the requirements established by the Mixed Specialties Commission through the agreement signed between the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) and the National Medical Residency Commission (CNRM).

Passing the Proficiency Exam is a necessary requirement to obtain the Specialist Title/Certificate of Area of Expertise granted by the CBR/AMB and accredited by the CFM, in accordance with CFM Resolutions Nos. 2,148/2016, 2149/2016 and other current Resolutions.

The Specialist Titles issued by the CBR are:

·       Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis.
·       Imaging Diagnosis with Exclusive Performance in Interventional Radiology and Angioradiology.
·       Diagnostic Imaging with Exclusive Performance in General Ultrasonography. 

Areas of expertise:

·       Bone densitometry
·       Vascular Ultrasound with Doppler (CBR/AMB/SBACV Agreement)
·       Mammography (CBR/AMB/SBM/FEBRASGO Agreement)
·       Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology 
·       Ultrasonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics (CBR/AMB/FEBRASGO Agreement).

Issuance of Title/Certificate:

The making of Specialist Titles and Area Certificates it's from exclusive competence of the Brazilian Medical Association.

The request for the preparation of the Title/Certificate is automatically inserted by the CBR into the AMB system, as soon as the exam result is disclosed to the candidate, in accordance with the guidelines in the notice for each competition.

 As soon as Once the request has been entered, the candidate will receive an access link and temporary password to complete their request.

The receipt period, according to AMB, is 30 to 45 days from the date of payment of the


Values in: 

For title/certificate requests prior to 2015:
Send an email to titulacao@cbr.org.br containing:
CPF number;
Full name;
RG number and issuing body;
Date of birth;
Complete address:
Contact phone;
CRM/UF number;
Date of the test.
*For areas of activity, also inform the Specialty you have and its issuer: Specialty Society/AMB or CNRM/MEC

Attention: Sending this data is mandatory.

 After this procedure, the specialist will receive instructions by email regarding the completion of your request and guidance from AMB.

Revalidation of the Specialist Title:

Understand the Certification:

What is it?
The Professional Update Certificate (CAP) is a standardized document issued by the Brazilian Medical Association, which certifies the doctor's new knowledge, enabling him to practice his specialty. Its validity is five years.

Who participates?
All doctors who have obtained a Specialist Title or Certificate in Area of Practice.

As the professional updating process promoted by the Brazilian Medical Association began in January 2006, the first CAPs were issued in December/2012, valid for five years.

To obtain the CAP, the specialist doctor must accumulate 100 points over five years, participating in different updating activities, duly accredited by the National Accreditation Commission. For certification purposes, only a maximum of 40 points per year will be considered.

Specialty Associations must provide doctors with a minimum of 40 credits each year, 20 of which refer to activities of a regional or state nature. In addition, they must provide a minimum of 10 annual credits corresponding to distance learning programs (online or printed), which is equivalent to 20 class hours.

Continuing medical education programs are, worldwide, mandatory practices for updating professionals, maintaining their scientific skills. The specialist who obtains the CAP will be more valued by their patients and in the job market, as they will be able to demonstrate their constant improvement in the face of the evolution of medicine.

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