2024-02-20 09:36:46 - 24

CEAR launches new page on the CBR website

The Commission for Teaching, Improvement and Medical Residency (CEAR) is launching its new page on the website of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR). In the new environment, two areas are available to members: Accreditation and Re-accreditation of institutions and the Resident Space.

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In the new Accreditation and Re-accreditation of Institutions tab, members have access to information about programs and instructions for accreditation/re-accreditation of educational institutions.

To see the new page, visit: https://cbr.org.br/cbr-formacao/credenciamentos/

In the Resident Space, the member can access the main information for the resident/perfecting student, such as related to the annual evaluation, registration and re-registration of the resident and selection notices.

Get to know the Resident’s environment: https://cbr.org.br/cbr-formacao/residentes/ 

Dr. Marcel Koenigkam Santos – Coordinator of CEAR commented on the commission's new page: “Updating the page makes it easier to find documents of interest related to Improvement and Medical Residency in Radiology”. The CEAR Coordinator also added: “The updated page has become more intuitive, more dynamic, more natural for finding information.”

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It is worth mentioning that the CBR's official documents with accreditation standards and minimum requirements were also updated during this administration, in addition to the annual validation process and the need for program renewal. Dr. Marcel commented on the update process: “It was not just the CEAR page that was updated, equally or more important was the updating of the main documents related to Radiology training programs”.