2020-04-16 12:14:21 - 11

CBR encourages radiologists to denounce locations that perform X-RAY exams without a report

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) is aware that in several hospitals x-ray exams are being carried out without the report, which goes against the resolution of the Federal Council of Medicine No. 2.235/2019. CBR has already denounced this practice to the CFM and reinforces the alert to radiologists throughout Brazil to take the fact to the College, which will then be able to denounce and follow up. The complaint can be made by email. defenseprofessional@cbr.org.br, exclusive e-mail for complaints, with guaranteed secrecy. The deterioration of payment tables is historical, that is, the retribution of radiological services both in terms of operating costs and medical fees. As a result, what has been happening is perceptible: some savings on the part of some insurance companies and/or hospitals in the tests that are performed on hospitalized patients and/or in the emergency room, that is, the doctors who are treating these patients have already looked the exam, concluding the service without the report that is up to the radiologist to provide. “As a result, there is only one interpretation of the exam and the patient does not have the interpretation of the exam by a specialist in the subject, who is the radiologist. In addition, there is misappropriation of remuneration that should have been paid to the radiologist. Another important point to highlight is that if the patient returns to the emergency room, for example, another exam can be performed, with another interpretation, probably inadequate, since the previous exam did not have the report”, explains Dr. Aldemir Humberto Soares, director of interinstitutional relations at CBR. This scenario contributes to an imbalance in the health system, as there is a specialist who is not being used in his role, as well as improper treatment of the radiologist, since he is responsible for all the exams performed in the sector. With this practice, he does not analyze the exam to find out if the technique is adequate, if the service is working correctly, even though he is the technical responsible for the service, answering for this 24 hours a day, regardless of his physical presence at the site. Within this context, the CBR reinforces yet another factor, one of the most relevant being: the patient has the right to the report. With the report, greater security is guaranteed to him and unnecessary extra tests are avoided, which are often only performed due to the lack of history and adequate diagnosis that only the radiologist would provide. Do your part: report this practice to CBR!