2023-06-01 15:53:40 - 24

CBR launches Radlex, an innovative tool for the Radiological Community

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) launches Radlex in Brazil this Thursday (1st). The tool is a lexicon that brings together more than 47,000 terms for radiologists, intended to fill a gap created by the increasing digitization of images, image reports and medical records. Developed by Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), its main function is to standardize radiological terminology, and facilitate communication and data mining to improve decision making.

According to Dr. Otto Wolf Maciel, radiologist, member of the CBR Reports Committee, who participated in the development of the tool along with the IT team: “CBR played a crucial role in this achievement and actively collaborated in the full translation of RadLex into Portuguese”.

With Radlex, professionals and researchers in the area will be able to access and consult standardized terms in their native language. Thus, it increases clarity, communication and data analysis in radiology, in addition to streamlining the process and understanding of specific terms.

Additionally, Dr. Otto says about the benefits that the tool will bring: “The implementation of RadLex in Brazil represents an opportunity to improve the consistency and accuracy of radiological reports, facilitate communication between physicians, promote the quality of health services and enhance research in radiology ”. The doctor added: “By using a standardized lexicon such as RadLex, we ensure that all terms used in the reports have the same meaning for all physicians, regardless of their location or specialty”.

It is worth mentioning that this was a joint effort with the participation of the entire Reports Committee, associates and the CBR IT team.

Radlex will be open to the public for three to six months, after which only College members will have access to the new tool.

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