2017-11-10 11:38:29 - 8

CBR shows strength at ANS COPISS meeting

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) played an important role in the 90th meeting of the Committee for the Standardization of Information on Supplementary Health (COPISS) that took place on October 25, at the headquarters of the National Agency for Supplementary Health (ANS), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). On three points that would have huge negative financial impacts for Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging services, as well as for providers, the CBR managed to block initiatives with the support of the National Health Council and the National Association of Private Hospitals (ANHAP). Check below: 1. Change in the TISS (Supplementary Health Information Exchange) standard in billing delivery, in which health operators could return an entire batch of slips when only a few are wrong and only accept the batch when everything is correct. As providers depend on billing schedules and, many times, correcting incorrect invoices is not something fast, this would have a large and immediate impact on the clinics' cash flow; 2. Inclusion of billing criticisms in the billing delivery, even in non-mandatory fields, bringing the same type of consequence above; 3. Obligation of providers to correct the operator data of the information sent by the provider, according to the rules that ANS obliges operators to follow. This is because, since last year, the Agency has been criticizing the quality of data sent by health operators and demanding that they correct this information or be fined if they do not. However, many of these data are not domain of the clinics, such as the CRM of the correct requesting physician. There will be a working group to discuss solutions for the quality of the data sent. Once again, the CBR showed its importance with regard to the defense of the specialty. The organization will continue to fight for radiologists and Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging services.