CBR in the media: Check out interviews given by the College's communication board this month

The CBR, as the main source of information when it comes to Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, as it represents the specialty in the national and international scenario, was sought by the press to talk about two issues that gained prominence last month.

One of the interviews given by Dr. Hilton León, CBR's communication director, and physics Simone Kodlulovich, both members of the College's radiation protection commission, was about Chernobyl for the journal's portal. CHEERS. With the series, the theme was highlighted worldwide generating discussions and warnings, mainly due to the increase of tourists interested in visiting the city of Pripyat, the closest to the nuclear plant and which was evacuated.

Another prominent issue in the media, this time with regional impact, was a bill to ban testing and installation of 5G technology in Santa Catarina that is pending in the Legislative Assembly (Alesc). The deputy author of the proposal mentions a video circulating online in which a doctor says that the fifth generation of mobile internet is harmful to health. Thus, Dr. Hilton León was interviewed live by CBN radio from Santa Catarina, in the program Direct of the Newsroom, to clarify which are the studies that deal with this theme, reinforcing that there is still no proof about the effects of 5G technology, pointed out by the bill.

With the repercussion and importance of the theme in the state, CBR also granted an interview for the program NSC TV, affiliate of TV Globo in Santa Catarina. Dr. Hilton recorded the interview on the subject that aired on the NSC News program.

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