2023-02-14 09:49:34 - 8

Cbr On launches radiology course in medical graduation

Launched last February 13th, the course Cbr On Radiology in Medical Graduation is now available on the Escola Digital platform. The course is free for CBR members.

The content was specially prepared so that medical students and residents learn more about the themes and functions of radiology and diagnostic imaging, reinforcing their continuing education in a practical and efficient way.

The course was launched during the Webinar Educa CBR “Radiology teaching in medical graduation: national and international scenario, challenges and perspectives”, which was attended by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and Japan Radiological Society (JRS) and general coordination of Dr. Ronaldo Hueb Baroni, scientific director of the CBR. The event was exclusive for physicians, residents and medical students, who were able to learn about how Radiology is taught and disseminated in different regions of the world.

The course is coordinated by Dr. Luis Ronan Marquez Ferreira de Souza, member of the CBR, teaching manager at HC-UFTM EBSERH and Associate Professor and Doctor of Radiology at UFTM and Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, former president of CBR and Associate Professor of the Department of Radiology and Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine of USP.

CBR On offers online 100% courses that cover subspecialties and topics of interest to residents/student and already experienced professionals in radiology and diagnostic imaging who are looking to update.

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